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Thomas Fitzsimmons

Director of Software Engineering at Ex-Indeed

Director at consumer product companies, expert in team building. Built products reaching millions of users.

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Joined Apr 2023

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Director at consumer product companies, expert in team building. Built products reaching millions of users.


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I'm an Engineering Director, experienced in building teams, coaching at scale and creating consumer products, reaching millions of weekly users, through vision and careful data analysis. I use significant experience as an IC (10+ yrs) to build strong coaching relationships with engineers, and ensure products are built on strong technical foundations. Salary market information & estimation: * Leading an Indeed wide, cross team effort (30+ contributors) to use Indeed’s market position to encourage employers to provide salary for jobs. * Increased jobs with pay information by 15% in 2022. * Partnered closely with PM/UX to deeply understand pay concepts across 1000+ occupations and built a 3 year vision to deliver these concepts to 60M+ MAUs. * Hired and ramped two managers to lead 17 ICs Education: * Engineering lead for Education product (directly manage 3 managers, who in turn manage 20 engineers), helping jobseekers get certifications and licenses to get better jobs. * Collaboratively built and executed on product vision, aligning UX, product and eng considerations to achieve early product market fit with 100k weekly users. * Built a search system capable of dynamically ranking and filtering courses based on certification specific search criteria and user provided review scores. Key info: * 10+ years individual contribution before transitioning into management * Lead directly and through others - 40+ people * Experience growing teams (hired 20+ ICs & 5 managers for my current teams) and organising those teams to tackle problems.


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