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Stephe Evans

VP Engineering at ACV Auctions

ex-MSFT | Team Builder | Leader

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Joined Dec 2020

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ex-MSFT | Team Builder | Leader


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Currently Vice President of Engineering at ACV Auctions, a recent publicly traded leader in the wholesale automotive marketplace space. I've been leading Product & Technology teams for companies both large and small for over 20 years, including Microsoft, eBay and Canadian media companies like Sun Media and The Toronto Star. My approach to management and leadership is to articulate strong vision and purpose, to hire and empower smart people, and to provide them with the support and autonomy to do their best work. In a world of rapid change and innovation, traditional command and control structures cannot scale to meet the challenges organizations inevitably face. We've seen tremendous change in how software is developed, deployed and maintained in the last few decades, and I am excited to lead brilliant young practitioners into the next phase of evolution in our industry.


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