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Staszek Kolarzowski

Co-founder at Pilot

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Joined May 2017

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My name is Staszek and I’m one of the founders of Pilot (YC W17). We’re a marketplace helping enterprise companies hire contract developers in every country in a world. I’m mostly responsible for taking care about our talent. Basically I’m in touch with our 250 developers and help them as much as we can. We also do a lot of screening/hiring (personally have done hundreds of interviews last year), so I’d be happy to help with this. I’ve been developer myself for many years and before the marketplace I’ve build a software agency, which we’ve grown to about 80 full time employees. We’ve been remote from the first day and ended up working from 5 different countries. I’d be super happy to help with any questions about remote work, as we’ve been fully remote since 2009. I also love to teach and mentor people, especially junior developers. At some point we ran a one year program called Pilot Academy, where students could spend 80% of their time working on real projects, and 20% on curriculum (case studies, lectures, workshops). This was quite a successful initiative and some of our junior developers ended up leading teams in great companies few years later. It’s nice to meet everyone here and I’d be happy to help with anything. Especially with remote work, hiring, education or outsourcing/contract world :


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