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Stanly Mathew Thomas

Software Engineering Manager at Paylocity

Experienced Engineering Leader

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Joined May 2023

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Experienced Engineering Leader


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I’m an experienced software engineering manager with over 18 years of experience in the software industry, and the last 8 years have been in engineering leadership across three organizations. I started my career as an individual contributor, working hands-on on various high stake engineering projects. This gave me a solid understanding of the technical aspects and challenges that my teams face, which has been incredibly valuable in my transition to management. In my first role as an Engineering Manager, I discovered my passion for leading teams and solving not just technical problems but also organizational ones. Since then, I've led multiple teams of varying sizes, developing strategies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and team cohesion. In each of my leadership roles, I've created an environment where my team members feel empowered, heard, and motivated to do their best work. I was deeply passionate about coaching and mentoring individuals. Recognizing the immense potential in every engineer, I’ve taken on formal mentoring roles both within and outside of my organization. Through personalized guidance, I’ve empowered countless professionals to expand their horizons, think critically, and meticulously chart their career trajectories. In addition to my management skills, I've continued developing my technical expertise in various technologies and skill sets, particularly distributed computing, data engineering, and infrastructure engineering. This helps me stay connected with my team's work and make informed decisions. As a fervent believer in lifelong learning, I perpetually refine my leadership approach. I'm always seeking out new strategies and ideas to elevate the teams to the next level. I'm excited to bring this experience and passion to mentoring and fostering the next generation of leaders and software engineers through my mentorship in Plato.


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