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Sony Mohapatra

Senior Manager at Cruise LLC at Cruise


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Joined Apr 2021

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I'm Sony Mohapatra, Senior Engineering Manager at Cruise. As the Founder and Lead of Cruise Women in Tech (WIT) and Co-Chair of Empower Women of Cruise (EWOC), I'm passionate about helping women in tech excel. During my 5-year stint as Engineering Manager at Apple, I successfully built and led the Maps Data Pipeline. Prior to Apple, I served as a Technical Lead Manager and Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn and Informatica respectively. I'm a mentor and coach to my team and love providing guidance and advice to help them reach their goals. I'm a firm believer in Plato's philosophy of knowledge is power and I'm excited to be part of the tech industry as it continues to evolve and grow. When I'm not working, I'm an avid traveler and reader, and I love exploring new cultures and learning languages.


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