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Seth Falcon

VP of Engineering. Coach. Advisor. at Former VPE at Prisma, BlaBlaCar, Chef

Ex-VP of Engineering at Prisma, BlaBlaCar, and Chef. 20+ years of experience building high performing teams.

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Joined Oct 2018

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I'm Seth Falcon, former VP of Engineering at Prisma, BlaBlaCar, and Chef. As a product-focused engineering leader with over 20 years of experience, I build high performing teams based on shared purpose, clear communication, and commitment to learning. I love applying my experience and creativity to solve problems with people, process, and technology. Here are a few areas where I can help you by sharing my experience: Managing remote teams. I’ve been working with remote teams since 2012. At my last two companies the teams had tremendous diversity in terms of region/culture/native language. Coaching engineering managers. I’ve grown engineering management teams from scratch, onboarded external hires, and helped ICs transition into the EM role. Hiring and onboarding. Collaborating with the Product team. At all three companies I’ve partnered with outstanding product leaders on creating cross-functional product engineering teams. These experiences touch on org design, planning and estimation, product discovery vs delivery, and managing tech debt and quality. Outside of work, I like to run, ski, draw, and shovel snow.


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