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Sandhya Jaideep

ex-VP of Engineering at Tradeshift

Engineering Executive, Founder, Innovator

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Joined Feb 2018

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Engineering Executive, Founder, Innovator


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Sandhya Jaideep. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Sandhya Jaideep's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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With over 20 years in the tech industry, I offer a unique blend of strategic vision, hands-on leadership, and entrepreneurial flair. As VP of Engineering at Tradeshift, I led the development of cutting-edge Fintech solutions, including spearheading new product launches and scaling existing customer bases, resulting in strategic partnerships like the one with HSBC. At SugarCRM, I drove AI/ML integration for Sales Enablement, increasing subscription bases and client adoption rates. As co-founder of Truvolo, I navigated startup challenges, culminating in the successful sale of Truvolo Drive. Mentorship Offerings: Leadership Development: I offer mentorship in building high-performing engineering teams, organizational management, and fostering innovation. Product Strategy & Innovation: With experience in driving product strategy and innovation, I provide guidance on ideation, roadmap development, and leveraging emerging technologies. Strategic Partnerships: Drawing from my role in establishing partnerships and joint ventures, I offer insights into navigating complex business relationships and driving collaborative growth initiatives. Why Choose Me: My mentorship approach is grounded in real-world experience and a passion for talent development. Whether you're an aspiring leader, innovator, or startup founder, I'm committed to helping you reach your professional goals in the dynamic tech landscape.


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