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Saji Asok

Director of Engineering at Capital One

Head of decisioning system, Innovation Lead @ Capital One

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Joined Nov 2023

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Head of decisioning system, Innovation Lead @ Capital One


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I am an experienced technical leader who currently serves as the Director of Engineering for decisioning system at Capital One. My primary focus is to ensure the team is successful in delivering product initiatives and ensuring the team morale is high. I am also responsible for mentoring engineering managers as well as lead engineers and helping them become successful in their own right. Previously, I worked at American Express as a Senior Software Engineer and architect where I was responsible for developing and designing software products with a strong focus on scalability and reliability. I also had the opportunity to mentor junior engineers and help them gain the skills necessary to become successful in their roles. In my spare time, I am an active mentor in the Plato Mentorship Program, providing advice and guidance to new engineers and managers looking to start and advance in their career. I also enjoy reading, watching sports, and spending time with my family.


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