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Saarthak Vats

VP Engineering at noon

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Joined Sep 2021

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Professional with strong hands-on experience in building tech products, engineering systems, processes and teams in B2B SaaS and B2C startups. Architect and leadership capabilities to build and deliver at a fast pace. Passionate about organizational and system scale. As a tech leader, I enjoy bringing the best practices to the play and I strive for executional excellence by creating a high-performance culture I am currently leading engineering and product for noon's e-wallet team. I built the India based team grounds up establishing key capabilities of continuous delivery, microservices architecture and related practices, executing multi-DC deployment topology, automation testing establishment for backend and frontend, security and audits. Previously at MobiKwik, in my experience as Engineering Manager, I launched two products - Bus Tickets booking and Hotels booking. I lead engineering transformation with - migration from monolith to microservices, containerised deployments, and automation testing practices for backend microservices. I evangelised many clean code practices within the team and encouraged several team members. When I left, I was leading 15 members across two product groups. Previous to that at Mettl, I played an instrumental role in building the platform which later on scaled to thousands of tests a day. I developed critical capabilities and focussed on strong design and architecture to meet the demands of growing platform.


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