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Rui Miguel Ferreira

Director of Engineering at Spider AF

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Early in my career I was told that I am a People's Person. And, I believe that results matter, problems need to be solved, and change happens. In my 20+ years of experience in the software development industry, I have been helping individuals, teams and organizations find better responses to their challenges. Understanding where they are, what are the problems they are trying to overcome, and where they want to be, is probably the best way to describe how I see myself acting as a continuous improvement champion. Since 2010, I’ve been exposed to diverse agile ways of working, with experiences in corporate, consultancy and startups / product development companies. Since 2016, I’ve been more focused on systemic organizational issues, working towards improvements with possible impacts to the entire organization / department. Having performed previously as a Project Manager, Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Engineering Manager, Principal of Agile, I will be really keen on discussing and providing support on challenges related with these or other Product / Engineering / R&D roles.


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