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Rishit Shah

Senior Director of Engineering at Podium

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Joined Jul 2019

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Hi everyone! My name is Rishit Shah and I am currently Director of Engineering at TripActions, leading development of the core product - Travel Booking Experience. Over the years, I have worked at large companies (Uber, Adobe), growth stage company (TripActions) and an early stage startup (CloudCar). I have built products (and teams) from ground up and grown them several folds over the years. I believe in identifying and developing your own style of leadership, one that is true to yourself, is driven by your personal set of values aligned with those of the company. Having managed teams at both small and large companies, I can share my perspectives and learnings on how you need to adapt your approach depending on the size and stage of the company or the team. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing my learnings.


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