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Ram Singh

Principal / Founder at id8 inc

Engineer | Product Leader | Entrepreneur | Consultant

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Joined Apr 2022

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Engineer | Product Leader | Entrepreneur | Consultant


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Engineer turned entrepreneur/founder and senior product development leader and consultant for businesses like Apple, Amazon, IBM, and Federal agencies whose lean startup approach to leading cross-functional, distributed teams delivers simple, trusted, useful, and fun experiences that solve problems, delight customers, and generates profits. During my career arc, my attention has shifted from ideating and creating the next innovative product/service to also ideating about how to create “innovation engines” — antifragile product organizations that can adjust, strive, and thrive in constantly changing conditions through both incremental improvements and wholesale reinvention and self-disruption. I am analyzing high-performing product companies (like Apple and Amazon) to determine what characteristics they have in common that separates them from their peers. It has become clear that an organization’s value is a function of the accumulation of the impact of its decisions. Business that deliver sustained value over time do so by being better at repeatedly making and executing impactful decisions about their product/service offerings. But, (maybe this qualifies as a Radical Idea / Observation) most companies make critical decisions ad hoc or using one-off/speciality frameworks, rendering them unable to learn and improve their decisioning. I believe top-performing organizations approach product decision making differently, using repeatable, scalable systems that drives their respective organizational cultures and structures, and their success. As I generalize these systems, I am creating teachings and tooling that other businesses can use to better leverage their respective collective intelligence, allowing them to remain innovative and relevant over longer periods of time.


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