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Peter Buckingham

VP of Software Engineering at SambaNova Systems

Engineering & Product Leader | CTO | VPE

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Joined Apr 2018

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Peter has more than 20 years of experience in building new technology and taking it to market. Currently Peter's leads the Software organization at SambaNova Sytems. SambaNova produces acclerated solutions for AI. Previous Peter was at VMware he is responsible for AI/ML Engineering on VMware's core virtualization product. Prior to Bitfusion's acquisition by VMware, Peter was its VP of Engineering, owning the Flexdirect Platform and leading Solution Architects, QA and DevOps. Peter has contributed to ground breaking technology that helped change the industry, driving the GPU Computing revolution through work on CUDA and supporting the Tesla Business Unit at NVIDIA. He has also held senior technical leadership positions at companies such as Sun Microsystems and Dell. Before Bitfusion, Peter was the CTO and VP of Engineering at Waypoint, a company building a SaaS solution for analytics and workflow targeted at the Commercial Real Estate market. Peter graduated from the Australian National University with an BSC (Hons) where he majored in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor Physics.


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