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Ole Dallerup

CTO at Dreamdata

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My name is Ole Dallerup and I am currently the CTO and co-founder of Dreamdata, we help businesses become data-driven in marketing and sales with algorithm attribution. Occasionally I advise tech companies on everything from engineering leadership to infrastructure. In the past, I worked at Trustpilot I joined as employee #10 and was part of growing to 800 employees and $50M revenue. I was responsible for all the technology teams while at Trustpilot, which has grown me a lot both as a leader and engineer. Like most startups, we experienced scale problems regarding people and systems at the same time. This is while we decided to migrate from a monolith build in .NET to a microservice architecture and an APIs first build in Node.js, .NET, and python. It helped us, onboard new engineers, faster and it helped us attract not only .NET developers to our team. Most important it enabled our existing engineers to move faster, build for scale and deliver more value to our customers. You learn most from doing and failing and for sure I have failed a lot. I enjoy talking about technology, infrastructure, data, product, and leadership. as the reason why you find me here at Plato. Looking forward to hearing about your challenges and hope that I'm either to help solve the challenge or at least that one of us is to leave the conversation smarter.


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