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Natik Gadzhi

Director of Engineering at Zipline

Ex-founder, and a hands-on engineering leader with 10+ years of experience building and supporting remote teams.

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Joined Jul 2023

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Hello! I'm Natik! I'm a resourceful, impact-driven, hands-on engineering leader with 13+ years of experience building and supporting remote teams distributed over 12-hour timezones (PST, CET, JST). I work on developer tools and b2b products. I foster kind, inclusive, and sustainable teams that build great product, strong relationships, grow together, and make customers happy. I focus on mentoring software engineers of all levels, staff engineers, eng managers and managers of managers, and product managers and designers, especially in how they can work together seamlessly. I can help in driving impact in a medium-sized company, understanding and aligning with the company strategy. I learned how to support engineering teams on the job, by doing, and I'm here to give back, support folks who are growing into new roles. Whether you're growing as a senior or staff engineer, navigating challenges of driving change in your company, work across multiple teams and departments, or if you're curious about supporting others and motivating and leading engineering and product teams — I hope I can be useful. I currently indirectly support 5 teams, about 20 engineers. I don't have experience working in FAANG companies, so that's not something I would be able to help with.


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