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Bala Muthiah

Engineering Leader at Lyft

Startup Advisor | Founder | Non Profit Board Member | Speaker

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Joined May 2023

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I am a passionate leader with a goal of unlocking human potential. My professional journey is characterized by a commitment to empower teams to realize their full capabilities and cultivate an environment conducive to continuous growth. My day job as an engineering leader provides me a first-row seat to guide, coach, and watch my team thrive and offers opportunities to roll up my sleeves and get into action. Beyond my core role, I also sit on Startup boards and couch founders, drawing upon my extensive expertise to support budding entrepreneurs in their quest for success. My career is fueled by a fervent dedication to inclusive development, fostering individual growth, and championing entrepreneurship. I am firmly committed to paving the way for improvement and inspiring others to achieve their highest dreams.


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