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Maxime Fouilleul

Engineering Director SRE at BlaBlaCar

Engineering Manager @BlaBlaCar

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Joined Aug 2021

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Engineering Director, I have been working since 2014 at BlaBlaCar, one of the most ambitious European unicorns "We bring freedom, fairness, and fraternity to the world of travel". I am leading talented Managers and Engineers with special attention to building trust targeting the right balance between performance and well-being at work. I am looking to design and build the team's vision, aligning each other on our missions, and creating a strong culture of transparency and excellent communication to acquire inner and outer buy-in. I grew up at BlaBlaCar with a company value called "Share More Learn More" and was always grateful for having found leaders and mentors who helped me unlock many doors. It is now my turn to give, since 2021 I have been a mentor on PlatoHQ, this is a really rich experience for me. Max.


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