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Matthew Barnes

CTO at onetwo

CTO @ OneTwo (an ANZ company)

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Joined Jul 2017

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CTO @ OneTwo (an ANZ company)


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As the current Chief Technology Officer at OneTwo, I spearhead initiatives aimed at seamlessly integrating our automation platform "Q" into ANZ (one of the four major banks in Australia) following its acquisition in late 2023. This role underscores my adeptness in steering through complex integration challenges while fostering organisational creativity and growth. Within this capacity, I oversee the development of cutting-edge technology solutions which drive sustainable business success. Prior to my tenure at OneTwo, I served as a Senior Engineering Manager at iflix, where I led the Australian Growth hacking team. My responsibilities involved rapidly validating concepts, to significantly enhance web-to-app install conversions. During my tenure, I successfully augmented monthly users from 5 million to over 20 million and doubled SEM performance. These achievements underscore my prowess in driving growth and optimising performance metrics in dynamic environments. Before my stint at iflix, I held the position of Technical Co-founder and CTO at Drawboard. Here, I led initiatives that revolutionised markup and productivity for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies on a global scale in close collaboration with Microsoft - I wasat the forefront of the company for 6.5 years.


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