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Matt Witek

Engineering Manager at Doximity

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Joined May 2020

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As a software engineering manager, I specialize in building and leading high-performing teams capable of delivering value to our clients and stakeholders. Trust and collaboration are essential ingredients for success, and I work hard to foster a positive and supportive culture within my team. In addition to my technical expertise, I am also a skilled mentor and coach. I take great pride in helping my team members grow and develop their skills, and I am committed to providing ongoing support and guidance as they progress in their careers. I have a track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget, and I am skilled at identifying and addressing potential roadblocks before they become issues. I believe in the power of open and honest communication, and I work closely with my team to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals. I am passionate about building strong, cohesive teams that can deliver value and exceed expectations. I am excited to bring my skills and experience to any organization looking to develop a solid and successful software engineering team.


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