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Mary Nicknish

Senior Engineering Manager at Vitally

Seasoned startup engineering manager

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Joined Dec 2017

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Seasoned startup engineering manager


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Hi Everyone! I am Mary Nicknish, Senior Engineering Manager at Vitally. I own Productivity tools on our Customer Success platform managing 5 engineers and growing. I specialize in building processes that scale as the team grows. I have worked in highly functioning companies and with dysfunctional exec staffs, so have lots of advice on how to deal in these environments. I worked at ClickUp for 14 months during extreme growth learning a lot about prioritizing visibility into our automation platform as the product scaled to the point of breaking. I also worked at Qiuzlet when they were growing from a 60 person engineering org to a 100 engineers. We focused a lot on Diversity and Inclusion and had 35% women in engineering while I was there. Prior to that I was VP World Wide Engineering at Accellion where I had a team of 100 engineers across 3 continents (Palo Alto, Singapore, and Ukraine). I have been managing engineering teams in Silicon Valley for almost 30 years. I am excited about hearing what others have to say and imparting some of my wisdom from years of being in the trenches.


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