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Mark T. Voelker

VP, Architecture & Chief Architect at Okta

VP, Architecture & Chief Architect

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Joined Aug 2023

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VP, Architecture & Chief Architect


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Mark Voelker serves as Vice President, Architecture and Chief Architect of the Okta Customer Identity Cloud (formerly Auth0), where his team works across the engineering organization to deliver billions of secure logins per month. Prior to joining Auth0 in 2021, Mark served as chief architect for the VMware Integrated OpenStack product line at VMware, and in various software engineering and leadership roles at Cisco Systems. A breadth-first technologist at heart, Mark's professional interests often find him at the intersection of distributed systems software and the software-defined infrastructure on which it runs. When not working from his home office near Raleigh, North Carolina, Mark can often be found enjoying a hike with his family or making sawdust in his garage. Mark also volunteers with Scouts BSA and as a longtime member of the selection committee for the Park Scholarships at North Carolina State University.


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