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Manas Talukdar

Director of Engineering at Labelbox

Engineering Leader | IEEE senior member | AI Fellow | Advisory board member | Mentor

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Joined Mar 2024

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Engineering Leader | IEEE senior member | AI Fellow | Advisory board member | Mentor


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Manas Talukdar is a senior software engineering leader in Data Infrastructure for Enterprise AI. He has significant experience designing and developing products in artificial intelligence and large-scale data infrastructure, used in mission critical sectors across the world. He is a senior member of IEEE, AI 2030 Senior Fellow and Advisory Board member. His experience spans over a decade and a half in leadership and critical roles for leading enterprise software companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has made key contributions to the preeminent industrial data historian in the world, specially ubiquitous throughout the process industry. As Director of Platform Engineering at C3 AI, the leading Enterprise AI company, he founded and led an organization of multiple teams developing cutting edge capabilities at the intersection of artificial intelligence and large-scale systems. He is currently Director of Engineering at Labelbox, a startup building a data-centric AI platform, where he runs platform and product engineering organizations. He also advises startups in the AI and Data space, among other professional commitments and volunteering activities. He has filed multiple related patents, and the enterprise products he has developed are part of critical infrastructure for several industry verticals throughout the world.


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