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Luc Vincent

CPTO at Hayden AI

CPTO @ Hayden AI | ex-VP of AI @ Meta, ex-Google, ex-Lyft | Angel Investor, Advisor, Board Member

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Joined Mar 2017

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I joined Hayden AI in 2023, where I lead our efforts to build AI systems focused on making cities greener and more efficient. Before that, I was VP of AI at Meta and supported the development of state-of-the-art AI-powered experiences for AR, VR and Metaverse products. Prior to Meta, I was at Lyft as EVP Engineering & Product; I founded and led the Lyft “Level 5” Autonomous Driving division, all the way to its successful exit to Toyota in 2021. Before joining Lyft, I spent 12 years at Google, most recently as Senior Director of Engineering, responsible for major parts of the Google Maps organization. In particular, I founded Google Street View and led the team and product through a decade long global expansion from 2007 to 2017. I am also an active advisor, board member and investor in a range of tech startups predominantly involved in cutting edge AI and Robotics.


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