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Kendall Chuang

Engineering Manager at Carta

Fintech Engineering Manager at Carta

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Joined Nov 2022

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Fintech Engineering Manager at Carta


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As an Engineering Manager at Carta, I bring over 15 years of extensive industry experience, with a strong track record of success in various roles, including 3 years in management. Throughout my career, I have contributed to the growth and development of enterprise SaaS Fintech and AI/ML startups, ranging from small teams of 5 employees to large-scale organizations with 2000+ employees. During my time at Carta, I played a pivotal role in the company's hypergrowth phase, witnessing the expansion from 550 to over 2000 employees. Leading multiple teams comprised of 4-8 individuals, I have successfully mentored engineers at all levels, from interns to staff engineers, guiding them through their growth and promotion cycles. Additionally, I have been actively involved in the hiring process, conducting interviews and strategically selecting top talent to strengthen the engineering teams. Collaboration is at the core of my approach, and I work closely with cross-functional partners, including Product, Business, and Design teams, to optimize our processes for developing and delivering products that align with customer and market requirements. By fostering strong relationships and leveraging my expertise, I consistently drive improvements and efficiencies in our development and release workflows.


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