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Ken Pickering

VP, Engineering at Starburst Data

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Joined Sep 2020

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I like working on software that people enjoy using. I am currently the VPE at Starburst Data, leading the technical team on evolving the way companies use data to drive business decisions. We manage the open source PrestoSQL project, and are continuing to reduce time to deployment and insight across enterprises. Before that, I was the CTO at Hopper, where we transformed the way people book travel, using cutting edge data science and beautiful UX. Prior to that, I was Head of Engineering at Rue La La, where we brought personalization to the front of our consumer experience and were able to acquire our biggest competitor: the Gilt Groupe. Before this, my background was primarily in Agile software development focused on security, platform building and artificial intelligence, although in more recent years I've developed a passion for data visualization and user experience.


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