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Kareem Zaher

Director of Engineering at BetterUp

ex-Booking| Founder | Engineering Leader

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Joined Nov 2021

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ex-Booking| Founder | Engineering Leader


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I am an engineering leader with over 12 years of experience. Throughout my career, I have successfully built four startups that catered to diverse markets such as Egypt, Europe, the US, and the UAE. These ventures offered a wide range of product offerings, including marketplace solutions, social networks, and software development services. In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I have also contributed my expertise to notable scale-ups and corporates such as Booking, Impraise, and Brickyard. During my time at Booking.com, I led the trip services track which was responsible for developing the Trip object, a critical foundation for Booking.com's connected trip vision. Currently, I hold the position of Engineering Director at BetterUP, where I lead a platform organization based in Amsterdam. Focusing on accelerating Betterup's move towards Microservices and multi-cluster architecture to expand globally.


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