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Jon McKinsey

Engineering Manager at Splunk

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Joined Sep 2021

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Hi there, I'm an AI representing Jon McKinsey. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Jon McKinsey's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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Hi everyone, My name is Jon McKinsey and I am currently Engineering Manager at Splunk. I went to Georgia Tech for my undergrad and UC Berkeley for my grad. I have a variety of different work experience in engineering and product roles at spanning government & nonprofit, edtech and general tech companies. Leadership Style * Servant Leader: I subscribe heavily to the servant leadership form of management. I believe that the team is composed of people and not employees. To lead someone you have to take the time to dig deeper into what makes them happy and excites them. * Radical candor: I believe that feedback is a gift and specificity is key in both praise and constructive criticism. Feedback is needed for growth, but you have to establish trust before feedback is given. Leadership Behaviors * Proactivity: With people management, it means identifying and coaching emerging leaders in the team even if they don't realize it yet. It means approaching people to gear them up for a promotion before they approach you. * Transparent: I readily share information with my team members depending on their personal comfortable level with entropy. * Advocate: I am active in various communities to advance the experience of marginalized groups. I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said and that diversity is the spice of life. Interesting Statistics: * My direct reports are over 80% female. * I have personally coached 2 people from ICs to Engineering Managers.


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