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John Hartley

Director of Engineering & IT at Curology

6+ Years in Engineering Leadership

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Joined Aug 2021

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Columbus-based engineering leader with a broad range of technical experience and management. Passionate about setting strategic vision, growing leaders, and helping my teammates recognize their full potential. Excellent communicator, able to present to a group of any size. Graduate of Ohio University's PMBA program. When I'm not working with my teams at Curology, I spend time writing about management and leadership at hartleyshandbook.com. Weekly tactical advice for managers and leaders about building effective teams, finding your management style, and frameworks and templates to use. No vapid quotes and no B.S. here, just tactical advice that you can implement immediately. In my spare time I enjoy playing disc golf, printing and painting 28mm minis (I am a Forever DM), and eating spicy foods (I owned and operated a hot sauce company for a few years).


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