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Jeremy Wight

VP of Engineering at CareMessage

ex-Invision. ex-Head of Product and Eng @ Base. Remote expert

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Joined Feb 2017

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ex-Invision. ex-Head of Product and Eng @ Base. Remote expert


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Jeremy Wight currently serves as the VP of Engineering at CareMessage, the markets leading patient engagement platform for underserved people groups. With over 15 years of experience in Product and Engineering leadership, Jeremy Wight is a seasoned professional who has consistently demonstrated excellence in guiding teams towards success. He is a recognized authority in the field and a sought-after speaker on topics related to leadership and management. As a top mentor in the Engineering Management space, he has made a lasting impact by sharing valuable insights and expertise directly and in contributing to the O’rielly Media book “97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know”, edited by Camille Fournier. He continues to inspire and empower individuals and teams to achieve their fullest potential in the world of technology and leadership.


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