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Jeff Miller

CTO at Yello

Engineering Leader & Mentor

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Joined Oct 2020

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Engineering Leader & Mentor


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I'm Jeff Miller, an Engineering Leader and Mentor. I lead the engineering efforts at Yello, helping clients hire the best, most diverse candidates into thousands of entry level and intern roles every year. My team consists of full-stack engineers, integration specialists, DevOps & IT experts, and data professionals. I had the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in me at a young age. I grew up working in my family’s hardware store in Iowa, watching my parents work hard and witnessing their successes and struggles first hand. I always admired them and people like them. Meanwhile, computers and engineering also started calling to me. I found myself taking apart computers and rebuilding them, which ultimately grew into a side business fixing computers for friends and family. After high school, I decided to pursue degrees in Math & Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. I enjoy working with both business and tech minds, using my experience to bridge the all too common communication gap between the two groups. I also like motivating people, helping them solve problems, and watching them learn and grow. I look forward to assisting entrepreneurs and continuing to provide the Chicago tech community with technical leadership while better connecting business leaders and technology.


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