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Jean du Plessis

Senior Engineering Manager at upbound

Leader, mentor, and coach of Software Engineers and Engineering Managers

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Joined Mar 2021

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Leader, mentor, and coach of Software Engineers and Engineering Managers


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After nearly 20 years in the industry, I am a former software engineer who now dedicates his craft to leading engineering teams and managers. I have a particular interest and experience in helping first-time engineering managers transition into the role and helping them navigate the challenges of people, tech, and business management. My last three companies (GitLab, Sourcegraph, and now Upbound) have given me extensive management experience at SaaS product startups. In my early career, I spent 10+ years in digital consulting, focusing on project-driven work. My experience has seen me ride the rollercoaster of startup life with exposure to companies at the Seed stage all the way to Series E funding. My strengths and passion lie in helping businesses scale up their process and people as they navigate from being a small startup to a larger scale-up. I've been working remotely since 2019 and have extensive experience navigating the challenges of remote work as a manager.


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