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Ian Lotinsky

CTO at Great Minds PBC

Product and team builder

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Joined Feb 2019

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Product and team builder


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Ian leads the teams responsible for the software products in support of Great Minds curricula. Previously, he served as Chief Technology Officer & Head of Platform at LearnZillion, where he helped it reach one-third of all US K-12 educators with its Illustrative Mathematics, EL Education, Guidebooks, and other OER curricula. He worked at Imagine Learning for three years after it acquired LearnZillion, which continued to grow significantly year after year under the new name Imagine Learning Classroom. Ian dove head-first into web development in the mid-1990s, creating websites for small businesses and nonprofits. He’s since built software products and led teams at companies like Lockheed Martin, LivingSocial, and MightyCause. Ian has a computer science degree and certificate in British and American literature from the University of Maryland and a master’s in human-computer interaction from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also graduated from Lockheed Martin’s Leadership Development Program.


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