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Guy Jenkins

Product Design Executive at Autodesk

Product & Design Executive (ex Salesforce)

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Joined Feb 2023

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Product & Design Executive (ex Salesforce)


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Guy Jenkins. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Guy Jenkins's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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I'm a product design executive with a rich and diverse career spanning over two decades. My journey has been a fascinating blend of product strategy, service design, ux design, engineering, and brand experience. šŸŒ± My Professional Philosophy šŸŒ± My professional philosophy is succinct: I never allow perfection to become the enemy of progress. I cherish a culture of continuous innovation, delivering solutions for today while keeping a vigilant eye on future horizons. I lead by example, tirelessly advocating for user-centricity and aligning our strategies with business goals. My mindset is characterized by a lateral outlook across product portfolios and cross-functional collaboration to unearth potential innovations. šŸŒ A Passion for Life's Experiences šŸŒ Beyond my professional pursuits, I am deeply passionate about life itself. My travels have transported me to the heart of far-flung lands across Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, and South America. I am not only an explorer of cultures but also an ardent sports enthusiast, participating in activities such as sailing, triathlons, cycling, and skiing. I also embrace the unconventional, relishing events like the UK's 'Man versus Horse' marathon, a truly unique experience. Following my completion of an Iron Man triathlon in 2009 I regularly take on Half Iron Man triathlons every year to keep my mind and body in balance. And, like so many I'm an enthusiastic music maker that I keep mostly to myself as a way to unwind - so don't ask me to play you a tune :) šŸ¤ Let's Connect and Collaborate šŸ¤ I am a firm believer in building meaningful relationships and supporting others on their journeys. If you're seeking a dynamic leader who thrives in complexity, values innovation, and embraces diverse challenges, let's connect. Together, we can navigate the intricate world of matrixed organizations and drive transformative growth.


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