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Graham McNicoll

CEO at GrowthBook

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Joined Jun 2020

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I am a founder and engineering leader who enjoys delivering successful technology products. I welcome the challenges of building something new, solving hard problems, and possess the drive and passion to inspire teams to deliver. I thrive in a collaborative environment. My specialities are hiring & building great teams, and creating a great work culture that increases retention. I value creativity, collaboration, quality, productivity, and a positive culture. Comfortable leading geographically distributed teams and startups. Enjoys fast-paced environments. I'm currently the co-founder and CEO of GrowthBook, and open source A/B testing platform (YC W22). Previously I was the CTO of Education.com that I helped grow into a competitive digital learning platform serving millions of parents, teachers, and students around the world, culminating in its successful acquisition. In the past I helped establish multiple computer labs across Tanzania and co-founded an international non-profit to increase internet and computer access in the developing world.


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