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Gourav Nagar

Information Security Leader at BILL

Ex Uber, Apple, EY

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Joined Dec 2023

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Ex Uber, Apple, EY


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I am Gourav Nagar, a Security Operations and Security Engineering professional at BILL, a leading cloud-based accounting software company. My role is to ensure the security and integrity of BILL's data, systems, and customers by developing and delivering security response roadmaps, plans, and policies. I lead a distributed team of 17+ security professionals and 2 managers who work 24/7/365 to respond to and mitigate security incidents and threats. I am passionate about identifying potential security issues, developing systematic solutions, and fostering a collaborative and supportive team culture. Prior to joining BILL, I held leadership roles in security engineering and operations at companies such as Uber, Apple and EY, with an emphasis on incident response, threat detection, digital forensics, cloud security, and vulnerability management. I take pride in empowering others leading by example, and in being a mentor and resource for new and existing team members. Outside of work, I enjoy playing chess, reading books, and mentoring others. I am particularly passionate about mentorship and take pride in helping others to pursue their own dreams and goals.


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