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Gonçalo Cardoso

Senior Engineering Manager at Atlassian

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Joined Nov 2021

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I’m a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. I’ve worked for startups, big corporations, and digital agencies. I have a passion for building customer-centric experiences, so my technical background is mostly front-end development. Throughout my career, I’ve had the chance to face several different technical challenges, from building web apps used by millions to developing games optimised for mobile devices where frontend performance and security were priorities. Although I still love programming, my true passion is to lead software engineering teams: helping engineers grow through coaching and mentoring; working with product and design to build the best user experiences; creating a safe, diverse and fun working environment where people feel empowered and productive; defining team goals that align with the business priorities; engaging with different stakeholders to unblock dependencies and mitigate risks; building fantastic products that customers love. I’m currently leading one of the engineering groups in Jira Cloud Platform. The group is responsible for key features in Jira Cloud such as advanced issue search, JQL editor, “Your work” page, Navigation, and Company-managed backlog and boards. The group has more than 30 engineers spread across 4 different teams. I’m responsible for driving the delivery and engineering strategy of the group, working closely with product and design counterparts.


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