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Faraaz Ismail

Engineering Manager at NoRedInk

Experienced navigating ambiguity & bringing effective progress to unstructured/chaotic environments.

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Joined Aug 2019

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Experienced navigating ambiguity & bringing effective progress to unstructured/chaotic environments.


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I'm a Software Engineering Manager with experiences (~4 years) at small to mid-size companies. I got my start by creating my own role/responsibilities as a first Engineering Manager at a small company and growing the Software Engineering team from 4 to 10. The companies I've been a part of had reached a level of growth where additional processes were needed to be introduced to function effectively and deliver more complex work. To help with that, I implemented processes like onboarding/offboarding, 1:1s, and Agile ceremonies from scratch. In a mid-size company, I've navigated bridging siloed teams, reducing high-risk knowledge gaps within areas in the product, and developing effective change management across 7-8 Engineering teams. My experiences also include managing through several re-orgs, shifts in leadership, and company/product pivots. I've managed engineers at a variety of experience levels - straight from a bootcamp/new-grad to seasoned with over a decade of experience. What I bring to my role is a focus on inclusion, empowering team members to drive their growth, and partnering cross-functionally to achieve goals together.


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