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Eugene Hauptmann

Founder, CEO, ex-CTO at Reactive Lions

Faith-centric technologist, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, mentor.

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Joined Dec 2020

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Eugene is a faith-centric technologist, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, advisor, and mentor. He is the founder of REACTIVE LIONS INC. where he is implementing his vision of faith-driven entrepreneurship in the tech world. He is currently running a team of over 40 talented engineers across the US. Eugene is the expert in building tech teams and he is a chief architect of scalable software products. His experience goes beyond B2B and B2C in multiple industries like Cyber Security, Deep Tech, FinTech, Media, AI, ML, Data platforms, Marketplaces, Wellness, Healthcare, Space, M&A, and more. In his free time, Eugene is mentoring first-time entrepreneurs and advising other serial entrepreneurs on tech decisions. Eugene is passionate about finding the right combination of faith and technology. He is also passionate about snowboarding, quantum computing, and cryptography.


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