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Dom Perez

Staff Software Engineer at Bayer

Professional Software Engineer | MSIT - BSCS

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Professional Software Engineer | MSIT - BSCS


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I am a Staff Engineer at Bayer's Digital Farming Solutions (DFS) department. The goal is to enable farmers to optimize yield and maximize profit through data-driven decisions using fewer resources and less land to achieve better outcomes. My primary responsibility is designing and implementing highly scalable microservice-based architecture for agriculture applications. I am also actively involved in solution design and code review process, ensuring high-quality code with a focus on a "Clean Code" mindset. In addition to that, I am a strong advocate for best practices in Cloud development, DevOps culture and Observability. In my previous roles, I have been involved in various software development projects, honing my skills in areas such as software architecture, coding, and project management. I have a strong passion for mentoring and coaching others, and I have been actively involved in mentoring programs within the company. In my free time, I enjoy music, exercise and reading and I also volunteer at a local youth mentorship program. I am committed to continuously learning and growing, both personally and professionally.


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