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David Kormushoff

Sr. Director at Koho

Accidental Technologist with a focus on growing people

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Joined Mar 2022

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Accidental Technologist with a focus on growing people


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Hello, I'm David Kormushoff, a seasoned technology leader with over a decade of experience in software engineering and team leadership. I have always had a passion for identifying potential and aiding in its development, and I take immense pride in building effective teams. Currently, I am the Senior Director of Engineering at KOHO. My first year here was particularly significant as I led the effort to secure PCI-DSS compliance for the company from scratch. I manage teams in diverse areas including backend, frontend, devops, core banking infrastructure, data platform, localization, QA, payment ops, and L2 support. These broad responsibilities allow me to interact with many different aspects of technology and team management. Before joining KOHO, I was the Director of Engineering at Wayfair. There, I pioneered the concept of embedding native app engineers into web product teams. This innovative approach resulted in an impressive 35% improvement in cross-platform performance within a single year. I also led a robust team of 140 engineers, contributing to $1B in annual revenue. Previously, I served as an Engineering Lead at Le Tote and worked at Ambush. These roles offered me unique opportunities to design and build numerous mobile applications approved for both the App Store and Play Store, and manage a global support team. Throughout these experiences, I've honed my skills in various programming languages and platforms, while also strengthening my understanding of project planning and team management. I started my career by founding Jot Locker and working as an Application Developer at ThoughtWorks. These roles helped me build a strong foundation in coding, conceptualization, and client relationship management. I consider mentorship a key part of my role. Having navigated the complex tech landscape, I am eager to share my experiences and knowledge with you. I look forward to helping you realize your potential and achieve your career goals.


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