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David Keitel

Director, Infrastructure Engineering at Flock Freight

Director, Infrastructure Engineering @ Flock Freight

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Joined Nov 2022

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I am David Keitel, Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Flock Freight. I lead a world-class team of 20+ ML, Data, Platform, DevEx and SRE professionals to scale our platform. My mission is to eliminate waste and inefficiency in the freight industry using our innovative technology platform. We enable scalable pooling of LTL and Partial freight using algorithms and dynamically routed trucks instead of warehouses. Prior to joining Flock Freight, I was a Senior Software Engineering Manager, where I was responsible for leading a team of software engineers and mentoring them to reach their highest potential. I also managed multiple projects and ensured that the team delivered quality work on time. Additionally, I was a Software Engineering Manager for the past two and a half years, where I was responsible for developing and maintaining the software platform. In my free time, I enjoy mentoring college students, teaching Plato philosophy, and exploring the outdoors.


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