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Danjue Li

Engineering Director at Google

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Joined Aug 2020

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Dr. Danjue Li is currently a Director of Engineering at Google Cloud. She is responsible for building cloud services that allow GCP customers to maintain ownership of their data and manage policies at scale to guardrail their resources with Intelligence & Automation. Before joining Google, Dr. Li was a VP of Engineering and Chief Architect at Procore, a leading SaaS company in construction software. She led the platform architecture design and drove the engineering strategy and execution for Mobile, Growth, Identity, and Collaboration. Before Procore, she was a Sr. Director at Equinix, leading the Product Research and Incubation organization. At Equinix, she incubated and launched multiple new edge services in compute, security, and application infrastructure, transforming the world's largest colocation data center provider into a global digital infrastructure provider. Her prior experience includes two technology startups, where she was a founding engineer/chief software architect and a co-founder/CTO., respectively. She began her professional career with Cisco, working in Peer-to-peer networking and video streaming. Dr. Li earned her Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computing Engineering from the University of California at Davis in 2007, specializing in video streaming and P2P networking.


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