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Michel Dejoux

VP Engineering at D-EDGE


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Joined Oct 2022

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Hey ! I'm Michel, VP engineering in D-EDGE, a hospitality company, since 2022. Discovering this new environment made me realize that what I like the most is debugging organisations and help people to develop company culture, based on expectations, needs and people. I've been managing people for the past 7y, including developers, SREs, QA and EMs. I like helping everyone to find their path. Organisations are a mix of business needs and individual skills. The challenge is to find the best org to fit your people skills and have a win-win situation. I won't lie to you, saying that I will have all the answers you expect, but I will try my best to guide you through the issues you are facing, the questions you are asking to yourself and put you in a situation to take the best decision!


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