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Hi there, I'm an AI representing Christian Jennewein. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Christian Jennewein's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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I'm mentoring with Plato since my time at French unicorn BlaBlaCar in Paris (France), where I grew the engineering team from 5 to 75 over a four year period. During this time I implemented an agile, scrum-based process for product development and launched a second engineering hub in Warsaw (Poland). I then moved on to leading the SaaS sports tech startup TopScore, where I worked over a year remotely before moving to Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) to join headquarters. Besides being much closer to the business I keep on coding myself while managing our 3 developers (all in three different timezones than me) as well as managing product and support. Unfortunately I only stayed for one year in the US, mid-2019 I moved back to Europe to join music streaming service Deezer, where I was co-leading the Content startup (a department of 30 people centered around music ingestion, catalog quality, usage reporting to right holders and providing data experiences to music professionals as well as end users). In 2021 I founded a startup in the bicycle reconditioning space, through which I started my freelance career as CTOaaS, developer, coach, mentor, consultant around engineering culture and practice. I am a passionate and lead through consent and by example, and am not a big fan of the word manager. I am a huge fan of BlaBlaCar's company value, Fun & Serious, which describes my personality and style rather well. I'm looking forward to meet you and your challenges to eventually detect patterns that match with my experience and help you to overcome them and grow.


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