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Charu Pasternak

Engineering Manager at Apartment List

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Joined Aug 2021

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Hi everyone, My name is Charu Pasternak and I am currently an Engineering Manager at Apartment List. I have been a software developer, engineering manager, Senior Software engineering Lead, an agile coach and a constant learner. I strive to empower and inspire people to be a better version of themselves every single day, as I aspire to do that for myself. Born and brought up in India, I have been in US for the last 15 years. In the last 5 years, I have discovered that to really feel a sense of belonging when one moves to a different place, is to give back to the community. And that is exactly why I am here. I am an active volunteer in schools teaching kids robotics and coding. I really enjoy public speaking and have been a speaker at various Ignite, Women in Tech and Redefining Women in tech events. I am also the President on a non-profit - Educational Equity Now. Education and Mental health are 2 focus areas where I am most passionate. I am story teller, I believe that this universe is made up of stories and with sharing these stories we can share our knowledge and experiences. I lead with Empathy and put kindness and transparency in the forefront of every interaction I have. Time, I feel is the most valuable thing we have as humans, and I am here to spend time with folks to share our knowledge, experiences and to learn and grow together. I look forward to meeting you all!!


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