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Ben Coats

CTO at Innovative Research Technologies

Executive with the heart of an engineer

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Joined May 2020

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Executive with the heart of an engineer


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Squashing entropy since 2001. As a technology executive with over 20 years experience serving in engineering and leadership roles across a wide range of industries, I have been fueled by a single guiding principle - a love for developing elegant solutions to complex problems. For years I was certain that the only path allowing me to achieve that goal with absolute freedom was architecture and development; but in time I came to realize that complex problems existed outside of code, elegant solutions could be constructed using people and planning, and my aptitude extended to all of it. I am still an engineer at heart, but I've exchanged one problem set for another and love every minute of it! I am passionate about building products which free customers from burdensome tools, enabling them to focus on do what they do best; and thrive in the world of fast-paced startups. I bring abstract problem solving abilities and novel viewpoints to bear in developing forward-looking tech strategy for my company; and I serve my engineering teams by providing them the right tools and appropriate information at the right times, so they are left free to do what they love most - design and code! I love nothing more than creating order out of chaos, so I find it extremely rewarding to assist organizations in rapid-growth mode mature their products, dev teams, and tactics in a way that works for them! Of course, had I simply shared that my Patronus is a dragon it would have made those 3 paragraphs completely superfluous.


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