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Ashutosh Saxena

Director of Engineering at Tenable

Global Engineering Leader | Strategy builder | Transformational Leader | Advisor, Mentor, Coach

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Joined Nov 2022

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I am a seasoned global technology leader with over 20 years of experience in architecting scalable software solutions and building high-performing teams. I relocated from San Francisco to Ireland in 2019 to establish the European HQ for my then employer, Deem, where I built a product development team of 80, hiring engineers, managers, product managers and designers, with a goal of modernizing their 20-year old architecture. Having successfully done that over 3 years, I moved to Shippo to help them set their Irish operations. In 2023, I was the VP of Technology at &Open, where my primary focus was enhancing scalability across critical aspects, including product design, roadmapping, architecture and development, but mainly also optimizing people and processes. I acted as a trusted coach to the CEO, CTO, and Directors of Engineering and Product. In January of 2024, I recently started a new role as Director of Engineering at Tenable, the leader in cybersecurity providing solutions for vulnerability detection and exposure management. Here I lead teams spanning Ireland, US, and India. My expertise spans leadership, strategy, mentoring, and guiding individual professional growth, and my leadership style is that of mentorship and by providing autonomy and ownership to teams. One of my core job responsibilities has been removing blockers and establishing open communication across all levels and all departments of an organization. In addition to my corporate achievements, I actively invest in and mentor pre-seed startups across the US, Ireland, and India. I help founders, executives, and managers in establishing communication protocols and an operating system that enables free flow of information and ideas. I believe in constantly learning and sharing my knowledge with others, making a positive impact on the world.


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