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Arnaud Camus

Sr Engineering Manager at BetterUp

Entrepreneur & Software Engineering Manager | Startups

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Joined Apr 2019

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As the Senior Engineering Manager at BetterUp, I lead engineering teams to focused on our video, messaging, and digital experiences. My entrepreneurial journey began a decade ago with co-founding Impraise in 2014, a startup that aimed to improve how organizations support continuous feedback and personal development. Leading by example, I grew the Impraise R&D team from 2 to over 20 team members. Ultimately leading to a successful acquisition in 2021. My interest in personal growth and technology motivated me to start Impraise. I'm a strong believer in the power of coaching, mentorship and learning from one another. To me, these are the keys to not just personal improvement, but also to guiding and inspiring the next wave of leaders in software engineering. My goal as a leader is to create an environment where tech professionals can excel and innovate through ongoing learning and teamwork. With previous mentees, I covered a wide range of topics including engineering career ladders, goal setting, staff engineer expectations, building trust, acquisition process, transitioning to management, hiring processes, scrum & delivery, etc


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