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Ariel Zach

SVP, Engineering at Inkling

Software exec with IPO success & expertise in complex apps, BI, SaaS & disruptive tech.

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Joined Apr 2017

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Software exec with IPO success & expertise in complex apps, BI, SaaS & disruptive tech.


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Software development executive with a successful track record delivering diverse market-leading products: complex business applications, analytics / business intelligence, infrastructure, disruptive technologies, SaaS. I have directly contributed to significant growth in all companies I worked for, including two IPOs ($50M to $100M at MODN). I joined Inkling as Vice President, Engineering in September 2018, and was later promoted to Senior Vice President, Engineering. In my current role, I am responsible for overseeing all of Inkling’s Engineering functions, which include the creation, development and QA of Inkling’s products and infrastructure. I have over three decades of experience in the software industry with a successful track record of delivering cloud market-leading products and complex business applications. Prior to joining Inkling, I was VP Product Development for OpsPanda, a data-driven sales resource planning solution, which was acquired by Xactly in 2018. Previously, I've held executive level engineering roles with PubNub, MarkMonitor, Model N and Hyperion, where I have led globally distributed teams of 150+, and has aided several of these organizations through successful IPOs. Some of my key characteristics and beliefs in leading teams: • Builder of customer-focused organizations with “can do” attitude • Collaborator and remover of barriers • Excellence in engineering execution


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