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Anthony Rajan

Engineering Manager at Google

ex-Google Engineering Manager| ex-Meta Technical Lead

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Joined Jan 2024

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ex-Google Engineering Manager| ex-Meta Technical Lead


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Anthony Rajan. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Anthony Rajan's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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I'm Anthony Rajan, an Engineering Manager II and Staff Software Engineer at Google. Ranked among the top 20% of Engineering Managers at Google in 2022. My expertise includes Engineering Management and Technical leadership of Backend Systems, Machine learning and Full stack teams. I'm currently an Engineering manager for Speech Data infrastructure for ML researchers. Ownership areas include being the primary Audio, Speech storage at google - Assistant and Bard Data Infrastructure YouTube, Google Cloud Audio, transcriptions, ML Train, Test Data sets and Model versioning. I was also a Technical Lead manager for Mobile engagement Ads including new mobile Ad campaigns, Increase in Adoption and Privacy safe Signal initiatives. Previously, I was a Technical Lead for Meta, where I specialized in end to end ML Projects for Facebook Ads, including ML Modeling, Feature engineering, Data quality analysis and pipelines, Training & Serving, Online, A/B testing of Models. Domains include Ads Optimization, ROAS and LTV optimization, Facebook News Feed. I have extensive experience on Wall Street in major investment banks as a Manager and tech lead in Order management systems, High frequency Trading and Risk. I'm passionate about Plato and Mentorship, and enjoy leading and training teams to reach their full potential.


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